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Next steps on Seaport migration

Earlier today, we announced that we’ve started to migrate to Seaport, a new web3 marketplace protocol designed for safely and efficiently buying and selling NFTs.  Following up on our detailed migration guide for developers that we had shared a few weeks ago, we’re highlighting the implications for developers at this milestone.

Open-sourcing Seaport data abstraction

Over the next few days, OpenSea will be migrating to Seaport, a brand new web3 marketplace protocol designed for safely and efficiently buying and selling NFTs. We’re going to be one of the first marketplaces using the core Seaport smart contract to build new features for the OpenSea community. 
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Horton Hears A Who!

Neutralizing a critical vulnerability in Wyvern Protocol
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Migrating to the Seaport protocol

Last week, we unpacked the early details of OpenSea’s new open-source protocol – Seaport – for the developer community. Seaport will become the foundation for OpenSea’s core products, unlocking a range of new use cases for creators, collectors, and the broader developer ecosystem. The protocol is non-custodial, non-upgradeable, and decentralized at its core — it belongs to the community first & foremost. And in that spirit, we’re inviting the community to join us in early testing via a $1M Code4rena contest.
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OpenSea Developer Newsletter: Edition 1

OpenSea Developer Newsletter: Edition 1 2022. BUIDLer and Dev Updates.
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“Hello NFT World” Hackathon Recap

OpenSea and Replit - Hello NFT World Virtual web3 Hackathon 2022 Recap on mirror.

Streaming the OpenSea

Today we’re launching a beta version the OpenSea Stream API, a new websocket-based service that enables developers to receive events as they occur across our marketplace.