“Hello NFT World” Hackathon Recap
May 16th, 2022

That’s a wrap! The Replit and OpenSea virtual hackathon “Hello NFT World” has ended! We’d also like to give a shoutout to our partners, DoraHacks, and Buildspace.

Hello World meets web3 🖥️

The Hello NFT World Hackathon encouraged the advancement of web3 by bringing together creators, artists, developers, and entrepreneurs as “BUIDLers” to create innovative web3 NFT Projects.

Together, they pushed the boundaries of NFTs and surfaced new types of utility. Over the course of eight days, projects explored various concepts ranging from web3 education, NFT DeFi, and even blockchain dating!

In summary, a total of 73 teams submitted BUIDLs to the four Hello NFT World tracks:

How winners were chosen

Each BUIDL track had a $5K first place prize, but it didn’t stop there. The top three BUIDLs in each track advanced to the $25K Quadratic Voting round. A total of 12 teams battled it out in the Quadratic Voting round.

What is Quadratic Voting, you ask?

A voting scheme introduced and often discussed in the Radical Markets community. It is often considered an innovative improvement of the traditional 1-person-1-vote or 1-dollar-1-vote voting schemes. The simplified formula on how quadratic voting functions is cost to the voter = (number of votes)².

To learn more about on-chain MACI Quadratic Voting, you can dive into the DoraHacks explainer here.

To view the top 12 BUIDLs and the Quadratic Voting results, head over to DoraHacks and check out the leaderboard. You can also jump to the bottom of this post to watch the Hackathon Kickoff, and the two Demo Days hosted by DoraHacks.


The First Place Track Winners

Gaming and Metaverse

Belly NFT

A collectible, craftable NFT experience!

Belly.io rewards loyal fans with NFTs. As content creators, Belly wanted to BUIDL a way to reward their loyal fans. As developers, they wanted to do something fun and creative, and since so much of their content in the past revolved around food, a collectible, craftable NFT experience seemed like the perfect way to do all of that! Check out the demo, visit the Belly NFT BUIDL.

Most Hilarious


Buy anything with anything.

Have you ever wanted to trade your 10 ETH NFT for a $20 book? Well, Spamazon has the place for you! Spamazon gives NFTs a new purpose: payment for a purchase, on or off the blockchain. If your local food or furniture store has a risk appetite, they can accept NFTs as payment or collateral until payments are made using all Spamazon. Buyers can benefit from bartering with their NFTs or posting them as collateral until they daytrade for enough money to repay. A store that adopts this concept can reach a new market that doesn't require an intermediary trade for currency. Ready to LOL? To learn more, visit the Spamazon BUIDL.

Onboarding for All


Onboard your frenz in web3 with a simple link.

NEWFRENZ is an interactive onboarding into web3 for beginners. The user is invited to navigate through different sections to learn essential information about blockchain, NFT, etc., and complete a series of tasks (connect wallet, switch to testnet, use a faucet, and finally minting an NFT). To learn more and start your web3 onboarding, visit the NEWFRENZ BUIDL.

Most Creative


The one-stop destination for all your blockchain love life needs.

Weddings in India are regarded to be an everlasting love relationship. ShaadiOnChain now allows you to record your love for the rest of your life. Many Indian couples have begun to celebrate and register their weddings on the blockchain, although this can be difficult for those unfamiliar with web3. ShaadiOnChain provides a simple interface for couples to enjoy a fully loaded love journey on the blockchain. To learn more, visit the ShaadiOnChain BUIDL.

All Hello NFT World BUIDLers received this exclusive POAP. What’s a POAP? More cool web3 stuff, learn more at https://poap.xyz/

Hello NFT World POAP
Hello NFT World POAP

Thank you again to all of our BUIDLers, Judges, and Partners.

Join us in our Discord and help us BUIDL and advance web3.

If you are interested in learning more about web3 and NFTs, check out the following resources:

  1. What is Blockchain?
  2. How does Ethereum work anyways?
  3. ETHhub Reading & Community Resources
  4. NFT intro guide
  5. How to Start Coding in Web3
  6. Hands-on Ethereum Day

📣 Orca size THANK YOU to DoraHacks for their guidance, support, and helping ensure the voting mechanism worked without a glitch over the weekend.

Hello NFT World Videos

How to Create an NFT on Replit (you can follow along with the replit here)

Demo Day One with DoraHacks

Demo Day Two with DoraHacks

Hello NFT World LIVE!! Kickoff

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